Energy Frequency Vibration

What a concept! In the effort to understand the value of creating a vibe for an event, I came to realized it’s all about Energy, Frequency and Vibration. Yes! Tesla said it.  Many through the years after his discoveries have agreed or collaborated his findings.

The book, The Secret fell short of the secret.  The book fell to mention the other main components to the value of manifesting or creating the desired results.  When it comes to achieving the ultimate results, it’s not just hard work.  It’s the well-thought-out and planned strategies that have proven to be the secret. 

On Point is the Energy process, the source idea behind the project. 

On Purpose is the Frequency, the driving force of the proposed project.

On Message are the Vibration, the desired lasting effect, and the influence of the project. 

Keeping those factors in mind can organically help you achieve maximum effect and industry recognition.  A well planned and thought out event will always yield optimum financial results.  Identify those three points for your organization and flow to success.

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