The time is Now!

That was exactly what I said to myself while in attendance at an event that lacked a connection with their participants.  The question to myself was, “when will I go back to event planning and help organizations make an impact with their events?” The answer to myself was “The time is NOW!”

Why is this relevant? Many organizations plan events and make it solely a money-collecting exchange,  participants attend these events because they believe in the cause or they may have a personal connection.  While at the event, most hold on tight to their purses and wallets. Other willing participants come with a specific amount they are willing to part with as a tax-deductible donation. Do not get me wrong, I’m not judging the way these exchanges have transpired.  I’m only pointing out the loss in untapped potentials.  If a person goes to the trouble of purchasing tickets to an event, get all dressed up, and possibly coordinate with friends to attend the event.  They should walk away feeling like they’ve just had an amazing and memorable experience.  I once witnessed a group of women leaving a very pricy event and their only takeaway was the fish wasn’t too fishy. I was shocked at what I was hearing… the event had many opportunities to tug at the heartstrings and get their participants to engage and commit personally and financially to their cause.  I walked away empty and not willing to attend the next year’s event.  I’m a firm believer in creating experiences.  Make an impact, it’s the little things that matter. Get on point, on purpose, and on message. Produce an event that participants will look forward to attending. Get your participants committed, have them anticipate and excited for your next event.

The time is now to make your next event meaningful and impactful.

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