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I’m proud of the company I keep, my talented team of professional image experts are ready to help you achieve the very best impactful visual image. ​

Working together gives you access to some of the most talented individuals in the imaging industry. Due to my in-depth knowledge and experience in print and media, you will benefit from what most of clients refer to as a “Powerhouse - one stop shop!” Services: Styling – Hair - Makeup – Photography – TV & Video.​

How Do We Start Our Work Together?​

Consultation & Evaluation​

We define your goals, your purpose, and the message you want to deliver. (Consultation may be in person or video conferencing).​

Proposal of Services

We will provide you with an in-depth proposal that will outline the required steps to achieve your desired results, timeline and budget.​

Proposed Steps May Include:​

Personal/Professional: grooming, wardrobe selection, hair & makeup

Staging: location, setup and backdrop for video shoots / photograph

Industry specific presentation

Pricing Options​

This will include the varying price points for the proposed project depending on the level of production and post-production services.​

Timeline Estimate

This will outline the proposed timeline for the project.​

Request for Consultation

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