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Energy Alignment Training

Create – Love – Breathe – Live

Embrace 2020
Align, CREATE Self-Love

This event is dedicated to helping you align with your greater purpose and joy. The CREATE framework are principles design to help you establish and maintain a stable connection to yourself. A clear and defined connection to self-worth is important when establishing self-trust. When we trust ourselves, we are more open to intuitive actions when dealing with love, relationships, professional and personal situations. With self-love and self-trust, you will always know what’s in your best interest.

This workshop will provide training in Breath Work, Journaling, Meditation, Heart Imagery, Heart Math, and a presentation on Trust followed by a group discussion on trust and self-worth. These tools are to equip you to take on 2020. Achieving your desired life with focus alignment to self-love. Make it a joyful year. Set your future right, Align!

Daphney Antoine, author of Mastery Within 11:11 will provide all participants with personalized Integrated Master Numerology, Capsulated Year forecast.

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(Lunch will be provided)


Jan 11 2020


9:00 am - 2:00 pm




Delray Beach
Delray Beach
Daphney Antoine


Daphney Antoine
(561) 344-3378


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